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🍻Beer with Bezos in Space

Sitting by the beach, sipping a chilled beer while enjoying the sun! Well, that sums up a pretty good retirement plan! But, how about going to space, looking at the earth while sipping beer with Jeff Bezos? Now, that’s legen – wait for it dary!! 

🍻Beer with Bezos in Space

🏖️ $185 Billion – Now let’s chill!

After making a gigantic net worth of $185 Billion, Jeff Bezos finally decides to focus on his dreams now! So what was he doing till now? Wasn’t making Amazon one of the largest companies in the world by market cap was his dream? Then what else could it be? 

As a kid, ever looked at the sky and thought, what would it feel like to go to the moon? Well, Jeff was no different! Even he had a dream that he wanted to go to space since he was a 5-year-old!

🧓🏼 But, why the retirement?

Well, Jeff has decided to step down on July 5th as the CEO of Amazon handing over the iron throne to Andy Jassy, who currently leads Amazon’s cloud computing division. So, he now sits on  $185 billion! He might just as well Netflix(oops Amazon Prime) and Chill by the moon! 😉

🍺 Interested in sharing a beer with Bezos? 

Bezos has even made arrangements for you to chill with him in space? Whaaaat? Howww?

Blue Origin, Jeff’s space travel company, is offering one seat in the New Shepard, the rocket taking Jeff to space!!

How do you avail this seat? Just have around $4 million dollars ready and participate in the online bid! But do it fast because it ends today!!

👨‍👦 Jeff, The Family Man!

How can he forget his family? Going to space? Well, let’s take my brother Mark along too. Jeff has asked his brother Mark to join him in this lifetime opportunity and the Bezos duo are gonna click really good pictures for their Insta for sure 😛

🧑‍🚀But why space?

According to Jeff, looking at the earth as a planet will help him evolve as a person and connect him more to humanity. Plus, cmon, the scenery.

Also, Bezos values his time, so he decided to keep it a short trip, let’s just 11 minutes? 

Surely expecting a what’s up Elon & Bill picture on Jeff’s Instagram once he’s back!! 🤓

100 Years; No tax – Crazy Tax Story

We found out a way to help you get tax-exempt!! 😧

But how? 🤔 Just move to New Mexico and live for a 100 years 🤓

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