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Mix and Match for Meta!🙃

As Meta stocks plunged and Facebooks daily active users declined for the first time in history. We decode why and how.


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Your one-stop-shop for everything taxes.

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Myth: Tax news is boring
Fact: It's not if you read it from us

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From Different People

Some goofy, some odd, some bizarre and some fraud!

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"It’s witty, informative and relatable. Enjoying bytes."

People behind the Bytes

Akangsha Barthakur


Someone with deep sensitivity to the beauty of Art.

Her doodling skills, makes bytes more fun to read.

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Sreetama Chakraborty


Comes up with innovative stories for Bytes.

Tries to give a funny touch even to the most serious topics. Is Obsessed with memes and believes that memes are the future.

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Nireka Dalwadi


The first-lady of Bytes.

Startups are her end-all-be-all. The greatest critique of Bytes. Can’t let go of her comic collection and tea.

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