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I want to take you higher ft. Fuel prices⛽

Fuel prices are at an all time high across the country. Tax on printed wall paper-Crazy Tax story. ULIP-Byte of the day


From Different Parts

Your one-stop-shop for everything taxes.

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From Different Times

Myth: Tax news is boring
Fact: It's not if you read it from us

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From Different People

Some goofy, some odd, some bizarre and some fraud!

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People Love Reading Bytes


"Concise, well written and relevant with a voice that appeals to young adults - a must read for everyone."

"It’s witty and informative. Highly recommended."

People behind the Bytes

Nireka Dalwadi


The first-lady of Bytes.

Startups are her end-all-be-all. The greatest critique of Bytes. Can’t let go of her comic collection and tea.

Bytes Person

Yash Gohel


Digs up crazy stories.

Can’t resist sketching when he sees a pen & paper. You will be intrigued at how he listens to Rock n’ Roll while writing Bytes.

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Anshumi Shah


Kickstarts the Bytes with a great introduction.

She is infected with a learning bug. Finance is her niche, ask her anything- she knows it. If not, she’ll find out.

Bytes Person

Yatrik Raithatha


Our beloved designer.

You wake up the devil in him if you mess with his design. If he is not doing design you might find him telling PJs. He makes Bytes easy on eyes.

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