Binge and Wanderlust

by Nireka Dalwadi

Video streaming platforms and tourism.

What’s happening this week


We missed you too last week… We were busy partnering with Zerodha and helping traders file taxes.

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Lets Binge

Wait What? FlipKart too?… Flipkart is going to launch its own video streaming platform for Android. Looks like its there takes on Amazon Prime. They are focusing on the next 200 million customers that are coming online. E-Commerce is changing, shop and stream together.

For users… for better user experience Netflix is seeking permission to study its user’s physical activity. The viewer has the option to deny permission when in permission’s pop-up. Trying to expand the user base Netflix launched a special mobile-only plan for viewers in India.

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Mitrooo!!! go travel… but India first! To promote domestic tourism PM Narendra Modi in his Independence day speech urged Indians to visit 15 domestic tourist destinations by 2022 instead of international trips. Nearly 20 million Indians travel internationally every year. Tourism contributes 10% to India’s GDP. Travel and tourism is the 3rd largest foreign exchange earner for India. An increase in tourism will help boost employment, handicraft and local economy.

We have it all… India offers a large and diverse option for all tourists ranging from cruises, medical, wellness, rural, spiritual, religious, MICE tourism.

India… let’s go wild… The theme for Incredible India’s campaign is now ‘Wildlife’, this is following the rise in Tiger count and the PM’s Jungle Adventure with Bear Grylls that was aired last week.

Government… States are asked to improve coordination to promote tourism in the National Conference of Tourism Ministers was held yesterday. Incredible India websites will soon be launched in Arabic, Chinese and Spanish versions next month, following the Hindi version. India will also introduce a flexible e-tourist visa and fee based on the tourist footfall.

Not welcome… Parallelly Amsterdam had banned disrespectful tourists from the red-light districts, following the complaints from locals. Thailand closed Thai Bay until 2021, allowing it’s ecology to recover. Thailand did the same with the Maya Bay last year after straining on the ecosystem.

Two sides of a coin… Tourism comes with its share of economic boost but strains the ecology, let’s hope it does not strain India’s ecosystem otherwise, it might increase the burden on taxpayers to repair them. We wish India gets a lot of economic fortune (Is that a lot to ask? We hope not).

Meanwhile, let’s get the Wanderlust to go local.

Byte of the Day

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