Employees and the new pandemic? 🤫

by Yash Kaviya

It’s in the air? It’s within you or is it everywhere? Any guesses what we are talking about? No, its not the pandemic, it is the feeling of people wanting to quit their jobs. We are in the midst of something that is being termed as The Great Resignation 2021. A sweeping movement of mindset across the country and the world where people want to resign and quit their jobs. What is this all about? Why suddenly from a state of lack of jobs are we seeing the absolute mirror image of people wanting to leave their jobs? What is this new pandemic all about?

Just to give a sense of perspective, over 100 million people from the USA, UK, Canada, Germany and France quit their jobs. 100 million people quitting their jobs, 5 countries. Its not just the wealthy countries. If we talk about closer to home, in India, there has been a growing sense of unhappiness with jobs especially for people between 20-35 years.

Office conversations, WhatsApp messages and a sneak peek into an exemplar mind would often compliment this claim that an average employed young Indian wants to quit his/ her job. Why, though? Were Young Indians not aiming to get employed in the first place?

The mental effect

The pandemic along with devastating medical ailments has also sub-consciously resulted in an increased feeling of burnout and mental health deterioration. Indians traditionally consider their work to be an extremely important part of their life and are often the most hard working. While there also exists a family system in the country. A lack of work-life balance and ‘toxic’ workspaces are causing Young Indians to feel emotionally and physically exhausted. An over dependence on technology has led to the creation of needless and mundane tasks. A high-pressure environment where ‘a rat on a wheel’ feeling persists and where it is the same monotonous activity over and over again pushes more and more employees to sign the dotted line, but for termination instead of acceptance of the job.

What matters the most!

Employees have started prioritizing their feelings over the course of the past two years and want to look after themselves first. Studies have shown that companies are focusing on a result first culture instead of a people first culture. Instead of realizing that a people first culture will give them results automatically. In a world where companies chase higher valuations every day, people are often mechanized and emotions are quantified. Lack of meaningful, supportive interaction has been one of the biggest reasons for The Great Resignation. Employee surveillance, lack of transparency and empathy are the other key reasons. Companies and employers will have the onus to make sure employees feel at home in offices.

Is it a case of constant dissatisfaction? Or do the numbers (and feelings) tell a story?

The Human Touch

As we move towards a world where everything is driven by technology, are we losing the human touch? The disconnect between a company and an employee is detrimental to both parties. There is an urgent need for affection, sensitivity and just humanizing things. Oh wait, or do we have a technology for doing that? 

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