Good Things Last? Hong Kong Story

by Nireka Dalwadi

Decoding Hong Kong Story, Online plant shopping and e-assessment

Good Things Last? Hong Kong Story

What’s happening this week?


In Lebanon, protestors perform “Baby Shark” to calm the toddler. But, there does not seem to be any calming for Hong Kong protestors. Read on for the Hong Kong story.

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Green Trend

Paint the wall Green… Believe it or not, indoor plants are the new trend. A lot of new-age offices and millennial homes love to have plants indoors, they are trying to incorporate ‘living walls’. Living walls are basically vertical gardens.

Something New, Something Green… Plants make up for great gifts. Some purify the air, some relieve stress and repel insects too… Now, this is something amazing.

Green-commerce… You could get anything online these days… plants too! You read it right!

Gift plants this Diwali… Here are some cool online nurseries in India to order plants.

What else can be done online… Deal with income tax notices… The government has launched a faceless e-assessment, which was announced by the Union Budget 2019 by the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

Under the new scheme, a taxpayer no longer needs to interact with the assessment officer in the event of an Income Tax notice. There are 8 e-assessment regional centers and the national e-assessment center can assign the case to any of them through an automated allocation system. Since all communication would be done electronically, it will ensure faster disposal of cases.

Got an Income Tax Notice? Our expert CA’s are here to help.

Hong Kong

One down, four to go… Yesterday Hong Kong’s legislature formally withdrew the extradition bill, which sparked months of protests. But, this does not seem to stop the protests. We’ll get to the other 4 demands in a while. First, Let’s decode sparks on the Hong Kong streets…

How it all began? The people of Hong Kong demanded the rollback of the extradition bill — which allowed certain criminal suspects to be handed over to mainland China. Hong Kongers felt it would lead to unfair trials and violent treatment — giving China more control over Hong Kong. It has a history too, so….

Once upon a time… Hong Kong was a British colony, it was handed over to China in 1997 under “One Country, Two Systems”, meaning HK would have more autonomy and its people more rights than mainland China till 2047.

Other four… The motto “Five Demands, not one less!” have taken over the streets:

To support Hong Kong, the Rallies are taking place in countries across the globe like the UK, France, the US, Canada, and Australia.

To sum up… Currently, Hong Kong has its own judiciary and a separate legal system from mainland China. These rights include freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. Which is pretty huge!

But these freedoms under the Basic Law will expire in 2047. And no one knows clearly Hong Kong’s Status after that.

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