⚽ Kick-a-Cola

by Sreetama

Years of building a brand could go to waste if a fan favorite celebrity makes a gesture against it? Yes! That’s what happened to Coca-Cola’s market value by about 4 billion dollars. 😵


🍾 Chillin’ with CR7

Well, Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t think you should be drinking a coke. Now, how about a bottle of sparkling water? 

This is exactly what happened during the press conference before the much-awaited match between Portugal and Hungary in UEFA Euro 2020. Ronaldo made a simple gesture of hiding the Coca-Cola bottles in front of him and raising a bottle of sparkling water saying ‘Aqua’ 🧞

🏋️ The Secret behind those Jaw-Dropping Abs

Well, when the record-breaking footballer scores a goal and takes off his t-shirt 🤩. Age is just a number when it comes to the Portuguese footballer taking pretty good care of himself. His secret? One of them is choosing water over a bottle of carbonated water. Result? Jaw-dropping abs! 

📉 Kick-a-Cola Shares are falling down!

So, how much did the gesture cost? About a drop of 1.6% in the stock price of Coca-Cola.  Wondering if it’s too less? Well, it amounts to $4 billion dollars in market value. Now, that’s a huge number to worry about, or is it? 💫

🥂 Coca-Cola is still chillin’

Coca-Cola won’t lose sleep over it for sure! Advertising lord Prahlad Kakkar feels that this is just momentary and stock prices won’t affect the actual turnover of the company. It has happened in the past too and brands can get over these small hiccups. The company made a general statement showing they won’t break a sweat over the incident – ‘Different tastes and needs’ After all the company has been out there for about 130 years! 🤓

🏺 Is history being repeated?

Well, no one can predict the market volatility caused by such incidents. Here are some other incidents which caused a market ruckus.

Just a small tweet and Snapchat saw its share price go down by 8% or $1.95 billion market value.

Just a couple of tweets by the visionary billionaire and the entire crypto market saw a 15 % drop within 24 hours. We covered it too, give it a read!

Awkward moment for Samsung and their celebrity endorser Lebron James! 

Too Rich to be Taxed – Crazy Tax Story

Don’t wanna pay taxes? Become a billionaire! 🤓

💭 Byte of The Day

Do pay your taxes!


💎 The Uncle – Nephew Scam


🍻Beer with Bezos in Space

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