Looking through the “Mind app” - The Apple way🍎

by Sreetama

Health is Wealth…looks like Apple has taken this motto quite seriously. When it comes to physical health Apple has often hit the ball out of the park in terms of innovation with its Apple watches and its health app⌚

Turns out there have been instances when it also saved lives by contacting emergency services when it detects any irregularity like a sudden fall.

Also, the Apple health app can collect data from the iPhone, to warn you if you are walking unsteadily and prevent you from falling. Wow! That can save a lot of embarrassment 😅

It’s not just physical… well, now it looks like Apple is all set to enter the mental health space too by detecting signs of depression, anxiety among its users using an iPhone.

Now that sounds pretty darn revolutionary!

Looking through the “Mind app” – The Apple way🍎

An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away

Apple is planning on integrating this by analysing mobility, typing pattern, sleep pattern, – subtle clues through which mental health may be deciphered. Actions speak louder than words – just got a whole new meaning.

The US giant has partnered up with Biogen, UCLA to study cognitive ability, stress levels and more among its users. The end goal is probably to identify certain symptoms patterns that may relate to certain mental health issues. And if they detect such symptoms, they will be able to warn its users.

But wait…what about data privacy, how will such complex stuff play out in terms of algorithms? Well, unfortunately, the only one who has the answers to these questions is time...and maybe Tim Cook – who time and again has said that Apple is big on data privacy & sensitivity.📱

It’s not all in your head

The pandemic has again proved to us that mental health is VERY real.  From January to June 2019 11% of US adults reported symptoms of anxiety and depression. The number went up to 42% in December 2020.

Studies and surveys conducted during the pandemic have shown that the younger crowd is most vulnerable to mental health crises during this time.😟

And this is quite obvious. The pandemic brought with it the staggering curse of isolation and loneliness. The combination of being cooped in a room with phones being the only way of connecting to the outside world doesn’t seem like a very ideal environment for one’s mental health.

Technology-the boon and the bane

There is no end to the debate as to how technology affects mental health. The critics would jump in to point out how social media platforms set up impossible beauty standards which induce the youth with an inferiority complex. The recent spat between Facebook and Wall Street Journal is the classic example wherein WSJ says that Facebook’s report proves that Instagram is toxic to teenage girls, while Facebook believes that the data is being misinterpreted.

So who is right? The answer could be both. Technology and social media can breed feelings of inferiority complex, FOMO, envy in young minds. But it is only technology that can get us through this. Although mental health issues have always existed, they are only being talked about now & social media platforms have a great role to play in raising this awareness. Take Apple’s recent project on mental health for example. If executed properly it can help millions to cope with their mental health issues.

So the answer is not Yay Technology or Nay Technology! The answer is the perfect balance

So what do you think about Apple’s new endeavour? Excited? Sceptical? Tell us in the comments

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