Psst...The Robots are here

by Sreetama

Skynet is here for us! Okay, that is an exaggeration, but a decade down the line… who knows?

Remember Elon Musk? The one who loves dogecoin & makes Auto-pilot cars. So… his company Tesla is developing a humanoid robot prototype called the Tesla Bot. Musk says the prototype will be ready sometime in 2022. 

But, will it though? He may be good at 99 things, but is punctuality may not be one of them? In 2016, he promised full self-driving vehicles by 2018. He also said that by 2020 there would be 1 million RoboTaxis on road. & its 2021 and we are still waiting . (Not to defend, but come on! It takes time to build great things) So, lets keep our fingers crosses on this one. 

Okay enough shade, lets move on

So what is up with the Tesla Bot, or as they call it internally, Optimus? Lets dive in

Psst…The Robots are here

Gimme the Tea

The robot will stand 5-foot-8 & weigh 125 pounds. It is expected to have to human-like hand, feet & a visual sensor which will become its eyes.

Right now it seems like Musk is not planning to let Tesla Bot fly a spaceship to Mars. In his own words, he wants the robot to work & take over the dangerous, repetitive, boring tasks. Tired of getting groceries from the market? Well, Tesla Bot might be able to get them for you. 


Ah! Things are about to get spicy.

Musk has been wary of the rapid advancement of AI in robotics.

He has referenced the movie The Terminator as a grim example of what can happen if this goes too far. 

So, it is not surprising that Tesla building an AI-powered robot will raise eyebrows. However, Musk made it clear that the robot isnt designed to take over the world. Well, for now, what if in the future, the Terminator does become a reality! We will circle back on this when Tesla Bot goes live.

Many industry stalwarts were also not impressed. Some felt that it is a marketing gimmick while others felt that Musk is overpromising again.

But hey, knowing Elon Musks vision & the rapid advancement in AI, it is undeniable that everybody will be looking forward to seeing what the billionaire entrepreneur has in store for us. We are rooting for you Elon

Is Musk the first in line when it comes to AI-powered robots?

Oh! Absolutely not. If anything, he is a little late to the race. The leading contender definitely is Boston Dynamics. They have been experimenting with their Robot for quite some time now and recently it was able to master Parkour. Ouch, most of us cant do that

Remember Sophia, the uncannily human-like robot? She created quite a stir during her release in 2016. Hanson Robotics is the force behind Sophia & their aim is to utilise robots in healthcare, retail & other sectors.

And these are just to name a few, there are many other contenders.

The World stands divided

While it is fascinating to see the pace at which AI is progressing, it is a tad bit scary too. Sure, AI can be extremely beneficial in the health, security & other departments too. But it can also become a tool to threaten privacy, livelihoods & more. So the question is, how far is too far?

So, are you team AI or team sceptics? Tell us in the comments below

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