Let's go for a ride...But with EVs🛵

by Sreetama

These Bollywood movies have surely sparked the travel junkie within us. Like Bunny, we also want to run, fly, fall & explore.✈️🏄

However,  in these expeditions, fuel prices seem to be a major blocker. But, what if we told you that you can fulfil your #travel_goals without breaking the bank? Intrigued? Ride along

Let’s go for a ride…But with EVs🛵

Enter Electronic Vehicles

Can you guess when was the first EV manufactured in India? 2010? 2012? Well, the answer actually is 1996. It was a  three-wheeler, manufactured by Scooter’s India Pvt Ltd. Despite having such an old lineage, the conversation around EVs in India has only started to pick up in the last decade or so.

In the current scenario, with rising fuel prices & increasing levels of pollution, EVs have become all the more relevant. As a signatory of the Paris Climate Conference, India is committed to reducing its carbon emission level. EVs with their zero greenhouse gas emission can contribute a lot in realising this goal. The government has taken note of it & has introduced various schemes to promote these sustainable alternatives.♻️ 

Not just India, but the world is embracing EV too. Countries like Norway, Finland, Sweden top the list when it comes to owning EVs. Not ironically, these countries also do fairly well in the pollution control department too.

Ola, the newest entrant in the game😎

The recent buzz around EVs is mostly because Ola has entered the EV market creating a lot of noise📯 (No-no, their scooters don’t make as much noise though😅) Ola is committed to building the world’s largest two-wheeler factory. And from that very stable, it released the Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro on 15th August. 

One of the biggest reasons why Ola has managed to create so much noise during the launch is because of its pricing. It has priced its Electric scooter a bit less than its competitors like Ather, Bajaj, TVS & Mahindra, who have been in this space for some time now.

The other reason for this fuss is Ola’s Uber ambitious vision for disrupting the entire EV space in the coming years( Did you see what we did there? 😉). However, in India, along with pricing factors like safety, longevity also comes into play while discussing vehicles. So whether Ola is able to realise its vision or not, only time will tell.

Is EV for me?

Do you care for the environment? Do you like tax benefits? If your answer is Yes & Yes then EV is for you. Check out how you can benefit from owning an EV

Is India ready for EV?

Let’s break this question down into two parts

First, are Indians ready for EVs? The answer is an uncomfortable yes. Many Indians are warming up to the idea but EVs are still a comparatively new concept for most Indians. The initial high price of EVs puts a lot of people off & they don’t often take into account the long term economic benefits that they might enjoy. And it covers both fuel and tax benefits.

Second, is Indian infrastructure ready for it? Again it’s dicey.  The government is surely pushing towards creating a better ecosystem for EVs but a lot is yet to be done. Having more and more charging stations, better roads are probably what is needed to build this conducive ecosystem.

So would you dare to venture into the EV space for your next vehicle purchase? Tell us in the comments below

Now, that you are all caught up on what is up with EVs in India, how about you sneak a peek into India’s history of taxation💁

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Looks like in the middle ages, being hygienic came at a price🤦‍♀️

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