Going 1, 2, 3...Gone to Byju’s! 💰

by Sreetama

Who doesn’t like a little shopping? We all do. Turns out Byju’s love shopping too and they love to add innovative ed-techs to their cart.🛒  In 2021 alone Byju’s has acquired six companies.

So let’s study Byju’s acquisitions spree and its impact on India’s ed-tech space. Pull out your copy and start taking notes📖

Going 1, 2, 3…Gone to Byju’s! 💰

What’s up with India’s ed-tech market?

Over the past few years, India’s ed-tech market has been on a roll. And unlike most other sectors, where the pandemic had a detrimental effect, it proved to be quite a boon for the ed-tech industry.  With traditional methods of education, like schools and colleges taking a halt🛑the road turned to these online platforms.

If we talk about the numbers, Indian’s ed-tech market stands at around $800-$850 million & it can touch $30 billion in the next 10 years (ran out of fingers to count the zeroes).

Why is Ed-tech suddenly shooting?🚀

It can be because of the Chinese crackdown on its own ed-tech companies. Recently China announced that after school tutoring platforms have to become non-profit and neither are they allowed to go public or raise international funding. (Ouch, did that hurt?)

With this crackdown, it is no surprise that investors were looking for alternative investment opportunities. And what can be a better place than the booming Indian ed-tech market? (Alexa play money money money)

Where does Byju’s come in?

Byju’s is one of India’s leading and founding ed-tech startups. With a current valuation of around $16.5 billion, Byjus has been growing at a meteoric rate. The most obvious indicator of their monumental growth is their acquisition spree. 

In this year alone Byju’s has spent about $2billion in acquisitions. Some of  Byju’s noticeable acquisitions have been- Great Learning, Aakash Institutes and White Hat Jr. Byju’s is well supported in its endeavour to acquire companies. Byju’s is backed by investors like General Atlantic aspers, Silver Lake and Tiger Global. And from the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like the spree is heading to its end.

What does it mean for the Indian ed-tech market?

With these mergers and acquisitions, Byju’s is on its way to create an ed-tech empire. It is not only growing vertically, but it is also growing horizontally, in terms of scope. From school education to college from upskilling to vocational training, you name it Byju’s is there. Byju’s ambition of becoming a global player, couldn’t be more obvious.

And while it’s commendable to see an Indian startup take over the world, it might not be great news for the Indian ed-tech market.

The lack of fair competition has its downs. From unfair pricing to deterioration of quality, a monopoly has the potential to cause a lot of detrimental impacts on the market. Sure, there are regulations to prevent any single party from gaining complete control over the market, fair competition would actually be great for the market, what say?

So which company do you think is Byju’s going to acquire next, tell us in the comments.

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