The end of Facebook? 😧

by Yash Kaviya

No one could have foretold that what started out of dorm rooms would one day become one of the most influential, most important and successful companies in the world. Certainly, a group of twenty-something-year olds did not imagine that it was history they were creating and coding. Facebook has come a long way and has become one of the most recognizable brands globally, but now after all that success, why does Mark want to change the identity of Facebook.

The Rise

Facebook’s rise has been meteoric to say the least, turning it into a household name in less than a decade. There’s a 100% probability that as a digital citizen you would have been exposed to Facebook and its services. Like a snowball, Facebook started off small then gradually became bigger by incorporating newer things into its foray. First came Instagram, then came Whatsapp, then marketplace and then what not. Facebook has become a behemoth steam rolling and absorbing while moving forward.

The Chink in the Armor

Along with the popularity came the allegations of Facebook harvesting sensitive data and selling it to fill their coffers in ways which were unimaginable and unthought. Data breaches, racial bias, false propaganda and a slew of other allegations made everyone realize that there is much more to the company than messages, likes and photos. While Instagram and Whatsapp have been evolving and rising in popularity, Facebook, the big brother, has been stagnating and declining. Often portrayed as a place for Oldies, Facebook was losing its young touch, the touch that it had started with.

Facebook Evolving?

Looking at the decline of the parent company and the OG product was something that Mark and the top brass at Facebook did not like. They wanted to save their first born and the idea that they came up with was to rebrand Facebook, give it a new fresh identity. There have been talks of the metaverse concept, something similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe where one hero saves the other, everybody knows and is involved with what everybody is doing, helping them along the way. Facebook feels this is the way forward wanting to integrate its variety of services, and provide one striking bouquet instead of different lonely flowers. Bringing in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Facebook, and a seamless experience across the network is what Facebook wants to do. Taking the plunge into Virtual reality is a controversial topic which Facebook wants to explore to enhance user experience on their services.

The humble poke

From poking people to practically taking people into a different world, Facebook has come a long way, how will the user join is something that the future will tell. Path breaking in a lot of ways, but the trailblazing company is about to walk on an unexplored path which will take us into something that is definitely more than liking, commenting and sharing. 

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