The wonder i.e. India 💕

by Yash Kaviya

75th Year of our country’s Independence, Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, India’s Diamond Jubilee. As a country we are heading towards a milestone number. Indians will be soon celebrating 75 years as a free, independent nation. There have been uncountable minds and souls that have led us to be here, at this juncture as a country. Today, we have come a long way, in terms of scientific, economic and technological growth as a country, or have we?

The Indian mindset

We have grown accustomed to a top-down approach ever since our very nascent years as a country where we have often thought that it is the responsibility of The Nehrus, The Patels, The Modis and The Shahs to take this country forward, to take this nation into a brighter place. While that thought process of them having the onus of development of the country is not incorrect considering they are our elected representatives, lest we forget that the country and its growth in all aspects is as much our priority as is theirs.

Who we are!

From the stroke of the midnight hour to this November of ‘21, we have seen inexplicable changes, dazzling brilliance and dismal lows which have made the country what it is. But between all of that there have been cases and moments where we saw life changing and nation building moments, and during the recently concluded Padma Award ceremony we saw some people who were the architects of these wonderful moments.

Padma Shri Harekela Hajabba, an orange fruit seller, who from his savings built a school

Padma Shri Tulasi Gowda, who grew up in poverty and ended up planting thousands of trees and helping flora and fauna survive

Padma Shri Rani Rampal, who was born in a village in Haryana and went on to captain the Women’s Indian Hockey Team to name a few shining stars

The belief and the strength

India and its development journey is a result not just of the smartest bureaucrats or the most enigmatic politicians, but also because of that woman teaching kids in Phulbani (Odisha), that doctor taking care of patients in Adoni (Andhra Pradesh), that ragpicker in Katra (Jammu and Kashmir), that farmer in Pasighat (Arunachal Pradesh), and millions of such inspirational people throughout the length and the breadth of the country. We have often deservedly saluted our politicians and ‘leaders’ but this one goes out to the people who are building and nurturing the nation from the grassroots.

We are like this only!

Madan Mohan Malaviya, founder of Banaras Hindu University, was once asked who gave the biggest contribution towards building the University. He replied that there was a beggar who gave him a rupee and that was the biggest contribution. Listeners were confused to which he said that because other people gave him a part of what they had and that beggar gave him everything that he had. India is made of beautiful moments like these and in a way, it becomes our commitment to build the nation in our own beautiful ways. I would like to leave you with a stirring couplet by Pandit Govind Vyas: 

Fursat to mujhe bhi thi bahut desh ke liye,

jab pet bhar gaya to mujhe neend aa gayi

फुर्सत तो मुझे भी थी बहुत देश के लिए,

जब पेट भर गया तो मुझे नींद आ गई

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